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4.7 pct for 2018 is healthy. (Of course it is)

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I was sharing my thoughts about the property market in Melaka yesterday (Yes, it’s still doing okay of course) and I touched upon the economy. I shared predictions by our Finance Minister, the IMF, the World Bank but before that I asked if there are people who thinks Malaysia will be going into a recession this year (2019). There were a few people who put up their hands. Hmm… Frankly, I do not think Malaysia will be facing a negative growth for 2019 yeah. I think we will continue to grow unless external factors suddenly become very bad. Then, I read about Malaysia’s GDP growth for 2018 as 4.7 percent. I think that it’s pretty good. I am not the only one though. There are many economists saying so too.

Article in Edgemarkets.com here. Alliance Bank Malaysia Bhd chief economist Manokaran Mottain said the 4.7 per cent growth was still considered healthy for a developin

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